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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gmail Hack: How to hack a Gmail account using Cookie Stealing

As a reference to my previous post Cookie Stealing: How to hack an Email Account in which I mentioned all the basics of Cookie stealing, now I am back with this article on how to hack a Gmail account in which I am going to explain the step-by-step procedure to hack a Gmail account. As I have said in earlier article, Cookie stealing is pretty handy method which every hacker must know.


How to hack a Gmail account: -
If you haven’t read my previous article, please refer it before moving further.
Let’s start with the hack. Gmail usually stores the session authentication information in cookie named “GX”. This cookie is used by Gmail to verify and authenticate the user. Thus, the user will be given access to Gmail account depending on the cookie he has. So, if you have access to victim account’s cookie and if you inject this cookie in your browser, Gmail will give you the access to victim account. Thus, you will be able to hack Gmail account.

Steps to hack Gmail account: -
 There are two ways of stealing cookies of victim: -
1.   Physical access to victim computer
2.   Victim computer in same network (LAN) as the hacker.

A hacker can use Wireshark or HTTP Debugger Pro to sniff and steal cookies when victim is in hacker’s network. I am going to cover the first method here and will post on Wireshark in my coming articles. So, now, we will assume that hacker has physical access to victim computer. Let’s start.

·        Once you have access to victim computer, install Cookie Editor firefox addon on victim computer.

·        Now, go to Tools -> Cookie Editor to see something like: -

·        Enter “.google.com” (without quotes) in text box and hit on “Filter/Refresh”.

·        Now, look for cookie with name “GX”. Select that cookie and hit on “Edit”.

·        You will get this popup box showing all information about that cookie. Now, simply copy all the text in box adjacent to “Content”. That’s it guys, we have successfully obtained victim cookie and now, need to inject this cookie in our browser.

·        Now, go to your browser and install Cookie Editor addon. If you have logged in to your Gmail account, logout of your Gmail account. Go to Tools -> Cookie Editor. Enter “.google.com” in text box and hit on “Filter/Refresh”. You won’t find any GX cookie. Hit on “Add” to get a new popup box like this: -

Enter the information as:
Name: GX
Content: The victim cookie you’ve got in step 5.
Domain: .mail.google.com
Path: /mail
Select “Any type of Connection”. Hit on Save.

·        Now, go to gmail.com and you will find yourself logged in to victim’s Gmail account. Thus, you are able to hack a Gmail account using Cookie stealing.

Note: If you want to try this Cookie stealing hack on your own computer, use two different browsers like Firefox and Flock. Consider that Flock is victim’s browser and Firefox is hacker’s browser and simply copy-paste the cookie in Flock to Firefox. You will get the results. Refer to above steps for more help.

So friends, I hope now you are now able to hack a Gmail account using Cookie stealing. As I mentioned in my previous article, Cookie stealing has its own disadvantages. But, this can be pretty handy many times. I will write on how to hack Facebook account using Cookie stealing in my coming article. Till then, try out this method to hack Gmail account and if you encounter any problem, please share it with us in comments.

Enjoy Cookie stealing to hack Gmail account…

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gmail Hacker: How to hack Gmail account password

In my previous article How to Hack Gmail account, I mentioned about use of Keylogger software to hack Gmail account password. Gmail Hacker is hacking software used to hack Gmail account password very easily. The article below illustrates the procedure of using Gmail Hacker software. I have even provided link for Gmail Hacker software download... just read on.

Gmail Hacker to hack Gmail account:-

While using Gmail Hacker, you have to create Gmail Hacker.exe file and then send this file to your victim. Tell your victim that this sent Gmail Hacker file is used to hack Gmail account password and that he only needs to fill all the details in Gmail Hacker file. Once, he enters all the details (which include his Gmail id and password) and hits on "Hack Them", his entered Gmail account information is mailed to you and you can now hack his Gmail account easily.

Follow the procedure below: -

1. Free Download 
Gmail Hacker
 file to hack Gmail account password.

2. Run Gmail Hacker Builder.exe file to see:-

3. Now, enter your Gmail id and password. Here, use the Gmail id where you want to receive the hacked password of the victim. Gmail Hacker will send hacked Gmail password to this mail id. Hit on Build.

4. Gmail Hacker.exe file will be created in current directory.

5. Send this file to your victim and make him believe that this Gmail Hacker is used to retrieve/hack anyone's Gmail password and that he needs to fill all the fields (which includes his Gmail id and password) to get password.

Once he fills all the information in Gmail Hacker.exe file and hits on Hack Them, his entered Gmail id and password will be mailed to you at the email you've used in Step 3. The mail will look like this:-

Thus, you have now successfully got victim's Gmail password and can hack Gmail account easily.

So friends, this was all about the method of using Gmail Hacker software to hack Gmail account password of the victim. You can also use
Keylog software as an alternate way of hacking Gmail.

Enjoy Gmail Hacker to hack Gmail account password...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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